Cool Mist Ltd - Video Demonstration of Installations



Operating principle

Mist cooling systems are fed through water carrying pipelines. By using the pressure created by the water pump, special nozzles convert the water into fine mist, which evaporates instantly. In the course of this process the surrounding air temperature is reduced up to 10C thus creating a thermal wall against hot air and dust.


◊ Easy assembly and disassembly
◊ Simple to use
◊ Low water consumption 2 l/h
◊ Low energy consumption 50 W/h
◊ Low equipment cost
◊ Extended and long-term use
◊ Temperature reduction to up 10°C
◊ Air filtration from dust and insects
◊ Creates a comfortable environment
◊ Pleasant visual effect


◊ Open-air bars and restaurants
◊ Balconies and verandahs
◊ Swimming pools and parks
◊ Sports facilities, playgrounds, and stadiums
◊ Garages, workshops, and petrol/gas stations
◊ Greenhouses and hothouses
◊ Barns and chicken farms
◊ Dusty and high temperature generating facilities
◊ Dust-cropping
◊ Disinfecting animal breeding and raising facilities