Our Products

All materials, components, and fittings are manufactured by leading American companies in the field of misting and cooling.

The system is designed for easy assembly, installation, and disassembly.

The connecting parts are easily separated and attached, thus allowing for quick readjustments. They are made from materials resistant to extreme weather conditions, which ensures the long-term operation of the system.

Cool Mist Ltd - Main components and fittings


◊ Ventilator with independent water supply

This is the newest product of the company. The unique feature of this product is the availability of water tank (20 liters) and pressure pump module (pump, filter and cooler) providing for independent 4-hour term cooling of the air space. The created breeze in combination of fine mist and air stream ensure comfort within space with volume of 100 m3. There is only a need of an electric contact for plug in a device with power of 180 W. The four wheels on the bottom of the box allow easy movement to each spot of the space. The device is made of high stable materials providing for long-term exploitation. The design of the box as well as the capacity of the tank could be changed according to the customer's requirement. This product is convenient for open spaces where there is no direct source of water and spots with no possibility of installing static systems for cooling.

Price 750 BGL

◊  Nozzle ( water spraying nozzle )

This unique nozzle is designed to spray water drops 3 microns in size. The body is made from bronze and the sprinkler is from stainless steel. These materials protect the nozzle against wear-out and corrosion.

◊ Nozzle T-connector

A characteristic feature of this component is its unique ability to be attached to the tubing by using a flexible connection, thus allowing for quick and easy installation and removal as well as a 360 angle rotation around the tubing. The material is fibro polyethylene, which ensures extra strength and ultraviolet protection.

◊ Anti-drip valve

High-lying areas of the system cause water to drip when it is turned off. In order to prevent this from happening an anti-drip valve is mounted on each low-lying nozzle. When water pressure decreases the anti-drip valve automatically shuts off the sprinkler.

◊ Main tubing

It is made from polyethylene and ultraviolet protection has been added. The tubing can withstand high water pressure /25 BAR/ and hostile environment. It comes in 8 different colors.

◊ L-connector

It is used to join two connecting points at a 90° angle.

◊ T-connector

It serves to branch out the system when two or more lines are present.

◊ Straight connector

It serves to connect two different ends of the tubing when extension is needed.

◊ Clip

It allows for easy installation and removal of the tubing. It is made from fibro polyethylene. It combines a strong grip and a good design.

◊ Distributing valve

It serves to turn on and off different parts of the extended system. It is easily installed and removed due to its flexible connection.

◊ Shutoff valve

In addition to turning the whole system on and off it also serves to connect the tubing to the water carrying pipeline.

◊ Sediment filter

This is a fine filter for particles over 5 microns in size. Thanks to its large capacity the filter has a life span of over 5 years. Its installation and removal takes less than a minute due to the flexibility of the connection.

◊ Water pump

The pump consists of ceramic valves, which ensure long-term operation of the system. With regard to safety it uses 24 V electricity and it is completely noiseless and compact. It also regulates the water pressure output from 0 to 13 BAR. It is equipped with automatic thermo protection. The pump has a bypass, which helps regulate the pressure regardless of the number of nozzles.

◊ Solenoid valve

It serves to turn the water flow on and off automatically in the system when the pump is on.

◊ Hidrostat

This is a sensor for the humidity of the air at the surrounding area with the adjusted cut-in and shut-down relay. Its main application is to allow in and to stop the systems according to advanced set up humidity limits. It is main used for indoor areas where definite humidity is required.

◊ Shutoff pressure gauge

It serves to turn off the pump in case of emergencies, such as water flow stoppage.

◊ Pump cooling fan

On hot days a thermo protective pump switch becomes activated. In order to prevent that a cooling fan is installed in the pressure pump module.

◊ Pressure pump module

It is duty for keeping the necessary pressure for the correct work of the system.The respective parts are as follow :filter, magnet ventile, pump, transformer, colling fan and protective box.

◊ Softening filter

Its main application is to prevent the s block up of the nozzles from the limestone deposits which is precipitating around the spray hole. It is mainly used in regions where the water sources are with harder water.

◊ Softening cartridge

Cartridge for softening filter

◊ Nozzle and fan filter kit

This is the perfect solution when systems mobility is needed. The kit is installed on an all-purpose fan by using a flexible connection and attached to a garden hose. This creates a horizontal mist wall, which can be redirected as desired. The only condition is that the water pressure in the pipeline remains above 5 BAR.

◊ Tube cutter

This is a tool which is used for correct and easily cutting the tubing