Frequently asked questions about mist cooling systems

◊ Can the system operate without a pump?
Yes, if there is sufficient water pressure in the pipeline - over 6 BAR. However, we recommend the use of pump, which increases the pressure in the system to 13 BAR. The higher the water pressure the finer the mist is, thus creatig more intense evaporation and air cooling.

◊  What is the maximum quantity of nozzles that one pump would be able to load?
From 35 to 55 pieces depending on the water pressure in the pipeline.

◊  Is the use of water filter necessary?
The use of water filter is absolutely necessary to prevent clogging of the nozzles.

◊  How high from the ground should the nozzles be placed?
It is necessary to position the nozzles at least 2.4 meters above the ground or higher in order to prevent water condensation.

◊  Do the nozzles need to be mounted with their sprinklers facing downward?
This is contingent on the fact whether the system is intended to operate under direct sunlight or in the shade as well as on the actual distance to the ground. The position of the sprinklers can be easily readjusted by turning them at a different angle to prevent water condensation on the surface of the surrounding objects.

◊  Can the mist cooling system only be installed along the longest side of a covered or canopied outdoor terrace/patio?
In order to achieve a maximum efficiency of the air-cooling system, we recommend that the system be installed along all sides facing outward. This creates a both thermal and filtration wall, which blocks hot air, dust, and insects.

◊  Once assembled and installed can the mist cooling system be extended, adjusted, and/or reconfigured?
Yes. All fittings and components can be easily separated from or attached to the system, thus allowing for quick readjustments.

◊  Is it necessary to install the mist cooling system before the winter season?
No. The mist cooling system is made from materials resistant to low temperatures and high humidity.

◊  What routine maintenance does the mist cooling system require?
Before the onset of the winter season any remaining water must be drained from the pump and the filter. In case of limestone deposits it is recommended that the nozzles be thoroughly washed in vinegar at least twice a year.